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Trimming Common Area Trees
Posted on April 26, 2021 by Las Sendas Community Association
Trees in Las Sendas
This time of year, desert species trees like Mesquites and Palo Verdes are putting on extra growth. Add all the winds we've been having, and we have a messy combination! Those of us who have pools are all too familiar with the extra work the tree debris can cause, and it's common for residents to contact the Association's office asking for trees to be trimmed to reduce debris in their yard.
Unfortunately, our community's trimming budget to trim trees outside of the regular trimming cycle is limited and does not include the cost to trim trees because debris is blowing into a yard. Owners have the right to trim tree branches on their side of the wall, so long as the work is performed from your lot and the tree debris is disposed of in your trash.
The Association's annual tree trimming budget does cover the cost to trim about one-third of the trees in the maintained common areas each year. Maintained common areas generally include community entrances, parks, pools, and other spaces that are roughly 20 feet from the streets. Trees outside of these areas, such as in the "washes" behind homes, are not included in this scope. Rather, they are only trimmed on an as-needed basis, such as when a tree poses a threat to your property (such as wall damage) if it is grossly overgrown or heavy with dead branches.
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