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Posted on July 6, 2021 by Las Sendas Community Association
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Monsoon season is here! Below, here are a few tips that you can share with your neighbors and family.
  • Always be aware of the day’s forecast and stay on top of updates. Monsoons can develop quickly and move rapidly.
  • Trim heavy branches and landscaping that may break or fall.
  • Secure outdoor objects that could blow away or cause damage.
  • Have extra light and power handy. Keep batteries, flashlights, and a battery-operated radio or TV on hand to keep you up to date during severe weather.
  • Create an emergency preparedness plan and kit.
Lightning — Lightning can strike up to 60 miles away from the nearest rainfall. If you hear thunder, you are close enough to a storm to be struck by lightning.
  • When indoors, do not touch any wires or plumbing inside a building. Telephone lines and metal pipes can conduct electricity.
  • If you are caught outdoors in a thunderstorm, and safe shelter is not available, find a low spot away from trees, fences, and poles. Avoid high ground, water, trees, and metal objects.
Wind — Thunderstorm wind gusts in Arizona almost always exceed 40 miles per hour. The strongest straight-line wind gusts can exceed 100 miles per hour and can produce damage similar to a tornado!
  • Secure outdoor objects that could blow away or cause damage. This includes garbage cans, umbrellas, patio furniture, and any other unsecured items around your yard.
  • Stay away from trees. Many people are killed or injured in severe thunderstorms by falling trees, flying debris, or downed power lines.
  • Never touch a downed power line, even if it appears dead. Assume that it is live. Call for help instead.
Dust Storms — Dust storms move rapidly and can reduce visibility almost instantly. Dust storms will usually appear well ahead of thunderstorms, so be aware of the current weather situation even if you don’t see storms nearby.
  • If you encounter a dust storm, pull off the road immediately. Turn off your headlights and taillights, put your vehicle in park, and take your foot off the brake. Other motorists may follow tail lights in an attempt to get through the dust storm and may strike your vehicle from behind if you leave yours on.
  • Stay where you are until the dust storm passes.
  • Do not go out in a dust storm if you can avoid it.
Flash Floods — The land in Arizona is so dry that a hard crust forms over it, making it difficult for the ground to absorb moisture. When the water cannot seep into the ground, it collects in low-lying roads and washes, which causes flooding. It is challenging, especially at night, to discern the depth or force of moving water. What may seem like a shallow stream may actually prove more dangerous.
  • The way to prevent becoming trapped or swept away by flowing water is to not drive through it.
  • In 1995, Arizona created the “Stupid Motorist Law” to encourage Arizona drivers to use common sense when driving through flooded areas. The law specifically bans drivers from driving around barricades to prevent them from driving through a flooded area. Drivers trapped after driving around barricades may be responsible for paying the cost incurred by police and fire emergency personnel to rescue a stranded motorist.
  • Beware of distant thunderstorms, especially if they’re over mountains. Flash flooding can occur many miles away from the thunderstorm as the runoff flows into the valleys and deserts.
  • Hikers and mountain bikers should try to get out earlier in the day to avoid the dangers of flash flooding and lightning.
Posted on June 3, 2021 by Las Sendas Community Association
School’s out for the summer, and that leaves many kids and teens with a lot of free time. Here you’ll find five reminders for Las Sendas residents that you can use as talking points with your family.
Most of our parks and pools are open between 6:00 am and 10:00 pm every day. Establishing curfews for your family can help to keep them safe and out of trouble.
Especially here in the Arizona desert, there are extreme fire risks with such dry weather. Remind your family to not play with candles, matches, lighters, or anything else that might spark a fire. Encourage bonfires and city-approved fireworks only in the safety of your backyard.
It is imperative for drivers to follow all traffic laws within our community. Nowhere in Las Sendas is the speed limit more than 35 miles per hour. Try taking your family members out driving at night to make sure they don’t miss signage, including stop signs.
You might also discuss how active Las Sendas residents are, which presents a higher risk of an accident with a pedestrian or cyclist. Additionally, a common after-hours complaint we receive is that people appear to be throwing objects such as eggs or water balloons at passing cars. While this may seem harmless, it has the potential to harm vehicles and distract drivers, potentially leading to accidents.
Vandalism of any kind is not tolerated here in Las Sendas. Destruction of property costs everyone, not just the vandals.
Most importantly of all, there are so many fun recreational activities available in our neighborhood! With pools, tennis courts, volleyball courts, bocce ball, basketball courts, and several trails around the community, this summer is the perfect time to get moving outdoors. For those who are looking for more adrenalin, check out the nearby Desert Trails bike park on Recker. Whatever you do, be sure to remind your family to stay hydrated, spend time in the shade, and wear sunscreen.
As we all work together, we’re in for a fun and safe summer here at beautiful Las Sendas!
Posted on May 5, 2021 by Las Sendas Community Association
Our new Las Sendas amenity access card system is LIVE! This means that your old pool cards and court keys will no longer work. You must have a new amenity access card to use these Las Sendas amenities.
This system will provide additional security, be more convenient with the single card versus multiple keys, and maintain the exclusivity of our community amenities for residents only.
If you picked up your card at one of our events and the card is not allowing you access to the amenities, you can call the Trailhead at 480-357-8780. Please have your card handy so we can activate it over the phone for you.
If you were unable to pick up your new amenity access card(s) at one of our scheduled pick up events, you can now pick them up from our office at the Trailhead during regular business hours.
The Trailhead Members Club
7900 E. Eagle Crest Dr.
Mesa, AZ 85207
Monday-Friday, 8:30 am-4:30 pm
If you cannot pick up your amenity access card(s) yourself, you may designate a neighbor, friend, or family member to do that for you using the following form:
The first card issued to each lot in Las Sendas will be provided free of charge. Each lot is allowed up to two additional amenity access cards at $50 each. These can be purchased at the Trailhead office using a debit card, credit card, or check — no cash will be accepted.
1. When will the new amenity access cards be available to pick up?
The new amenity access cards are now available for pick up from our office at the Trailhead during regular business hours.
The Trailhead Members Club
7900 E. Eagle Crest Dr.
Mesa, AZ 85207
Monday-Friday, 8:30 am-4:30 pm
If you cannot pick up your amenity access card(s) yourself, you may designate a neighbor, friend, or family member to do that for you using the following form:
5. What should I do with my old card(s) and key(s)?
You may now dispose of old cards and keys as they will no longer work at any of our amenities.
6. What if I’m a renter?
Only homeowners on file with the Las Sendas Community Association, or those they designate, may pick up new amenity access cards. Contact the homeowner or have your property management company contact the homeowner and ask them to fill out this online form if they want to designate you as the pick up person:
All homeowners and designees will be required to present their photo ID in order to pick up or purchase amenity access card(s). 
7. I'd like to purchase additional cards. What do I do?
Each lot is provided with one amenity access card free of charge. Lots are permitted up to two additional amenity access cards, for a total of three possible cards programmed for each lot. These additional cards cost $50 each and can be paid for when you pick up your free amenity access card.
For renters, the homeowner of record must authorize you to purchase additional cards as they will be programmed under the homeowner's name.
8. What if I do not currently live at Las Sendas and have an off-site address on file with the Association?
If you have an off-site address on file with the Association, you should have received alternative options for obtaining your card in the mail. If you did not receive this mailing, click here to view the letter.
9. I live in Las Sendas. Can you mail me my card?
Yes! There is a $5 shipping charge for cards that are mailed to any address that can be paid for by check. Use this form to request that your card be mailed to you.
10. Why are the additional cards $50 each?
One of the primary benefits of the new access cards is the added security they will provide for the pickleball and tennis courts, and the convenience of one card for all amenities. The Board set the cost for the keys at $50 with security in mind. 
11. I picked up my card, why isn’t it activated?
Cards may be deactivated if an owner is 15 days behind on assessments or any fees. If you have a past-due balance on your account, please call our office at 480-357-8780.
Updated Wednesday, June 2, 2021.
Posted on May 5, 2021 by Las Sendas Community Association
Categories: Security and Safety
“Speeding has always been an issue,” says Joe Draper, City of Mesa Traffic Studies Analyst and Las Sendas resident. In a study conducted by the City of Mesa earlier this year, one in three drivers on Eagle Crest was driving more than five miles per hour over posted speed limits, with similar results found on Ridgecrest and Red Mountain.
In such an active community with walkers, runners, and bikers — not to mention our landscaping crews — there’s a lot of activity on and near our roads. Everyone must follow posted speed limit signage to prevent accidents and keep our community safe.
The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) reports that “For more than two decades, speeding has been involved in approximately one-third of all motor vehicle fatalities.” Speeding becomes increasingly dangerous when there’s bad weather, road work, or limited nighttime visibility.
Pedestrians and bikers also need to follow all road rules for their safety and the safety of others. This includes not walking or running on the roads. The City of Mesa Code of Ordinances requires pedestrians to stay off streets wherever sidewalks are available unless they are in a crosswalk (Reso. 990, 1771).
Unfortunately, we cannot install speed humps on collector roads, such as Ridgecrest, Eagle Crest, and Red Mountain due to the City of Mesa’s requirements and regulations. That being said, the City included Las Sendas collector roads as part of a more extensive study to potentially modify the shape of medians to encourage speed limit adherence. Additionally, requests for more Police Department presence (patrols and speed radars) within our community have been made to combat speeding.
Adding stop signs on our roads has also been suggested. After speaking further with the City of Mesa Transportation Department, we have found that stop signs are only recommended for right-of-way passages and not for speeding. Traffic studies performed by the City tell that unwarranted stop signs have a high violation rate, increase speeds between stop signs, and give pedestrians a false sense of security. With all this data, the City of Mesa will not consider additional stop signs on our public streets.
Most importantly, as Las Sendas residents, each of us can contribute to safe roads and neighborhoods by following posted speed limits and watching out for our neighbors.
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