Las Sendas


Dan Mannon Dog Walking
Hello my name is Dan Mannon and I happen to be your neighbor. I have lived in the Las Sendas community for 21 years. I have a brain injury and I live with my parents. I have worked at Home Depot for two and a half years. Up until recently we have lived here all year, therefore I have not had to deal this issue that I will explain.
My parents bought a house in Whidbey Island, Washington, Every year, in May, we move up to Whidbey Island for about 5 months. I am on disability in the state of Arizona. This prevents me from working a 9 to 5, but walking dogs makes me happy and I love the experience. With that being said, I know the importance of filling my day with activities that get me out of the house.
I like to keep busy, therefore I would like to figure out a way to stay here all year. Arizona is an amazing place to live. With the rising cost of living, a roommate would help my quality of life increase dramatically.
Currently I am starting a dog walking business in the Las Sendas community, where I live currently. Since I do not drive, it would be best to find a place closer to Las Sendas. My hope is the hot summer months will help grow my business.
If you have either a room for rent or need a dog walked, "Call Dan! the man with a plan".