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Don’t Let Scammers Get Access to Important Information
Posted on Apr 12, 2024

Thieves can obtain a great deal of usable information from documents such as:
·      ATM receipts
·      Bank statements
·      Birth certificate copies
·      Canceled and voided checks
·      Credit card statements
·      Discarded mail
·      Documents containing names, addresses, phone numbers or e-mail addresses
·      Investment documents
·      Education records
·      Employment records and pay stubs
·      Gas receipts
·      Insurance information
·      Luggage tags
·      Medical/dental records
·      Phone logs and messages
·      Report cards
·      Resumes
·      Travel itineraries
·      Used airline tickets
Shredding ensures that personal information can’t be reconstructed by others and it keeps you from becoming a victim of fraud. 
However, not all documents should be shredded right away. It’s recommended you hold onto bank statements and paid medical bills for a year. The IRS recommends you keep tax documents for up to seven years. 
Documents you should NEVER shred or discard include birth certificates, adoption papers, social security cards, passports, marriage or divorce papers and death certificates. Keep these documents in safe deposit boxes, fire-proof safes or locked file cabinets.