Las Sendas


New Exterior Paint Guidelines
Posted on Mar 17, 2022

Custom Lots
A few years ago, the Custom ARC modified the Design Guidelines for Custom Lots to allow lighter colors. Since then, owners began using lighter colors on their homes and the Custom ARC realized that the lighter colors are not in harmony with the character of Las Sendas, and distract from the surrounding desert environment.  After much consideration, the Committee decided prohibit colors with a Light Reflective Value (LRV) greater than 50%. This standard also mirrors the Desert Uplands Area Design Guidelines that were established by the City of Mesa in 2010.
Non-Custom Lots (a.k.a. "production homes")
To be consistent with the Custom Lot Guidelines and the City of Mesa's Desert Uplands Area Design Guidelines, the production ARC also resolved to remove colors from the pre-approved list that have an LRV greater than 50. As a result, sixteen color schemes previously on the list have been removed. We are waiting for Dunn Edwards to modify their website. In the meantime, you can find the list of color schemes that are not permitted here
Frequently Asked Questions
What does this mean for homes who have already received approval for lighter colors?
Homes that have already received approval for lighter colors that exceed an LRV of 50 will not be required to repaint their homes to comply. However, when the home needs to be painted next, the current color will not be allowed. At that time, owners will need to select a new color that does not exceed an LRV of 50. 
Our neighbors received approval for a light home and I like it. Can I use the same color?
No. Both the Custom and non-custom Architectural Review Committees believe that the recently used light colors do not blend in with the natural desert environment and distract from the beautiy of Las Sendas. 
Does the ARC have authority to make this change?
Yes. The CC&Rs state that the Architectural Review Committee may adopt, amend and repeal architectural guidelines, standards and procedures, including requirements concerning exterior color schemes, exterior finishes and materials. 
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