Las Sendas


Las Sendas Enclave Landscaping
Posted on Oct 6, 2022

At the Las Sendas Community Association’s September 29 board meeting, the members of the board approved the further replacement of aging and broken irrigation and the addition of desert-uplands landscaping at enclave entrances.
The project was initially a three-year phased project. However, capital-improvement funding is available to shorten that timeline. In 2023, all remaining, unimproved Las Sendas enclave entrances will be re-irrigated, and plants will be added to the existing landscape.
Benefits of the new irrigation include targeted watering that takes into consideration established trees, plus greater efficiency. In addition, new native plants will enhance the aesthetic appearance of Las Sendas’ desert-scape.
Also, starting in 2023, and then every three years, Las Sendas’ contracted landscaper, ProQual, will trim trees within Las Sendas’ enclaves. This increase in trimming frequency will allow them to remove less material, which will result in improved tree health while maintaining an attractive natural-desert appearance within each enclave. This trimming plan also adheres to the City of Mesa guidelines that require tree branches and shrubs must be a minimum of 8 feet above sidewalks, and 14 feet above streets.
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