Las Sendas


Welcome to Las Sendas! We're so glad to hear that you're ready to build your custom home in our beautiful community. Before designing your home with your architect or designer, please familiarize yourself with our Custom Home Design Guidelines with the link below. These guidelines include all of the steps and details you will need throughout your home building process. We recommend that you share this document with your contracted architect and/or designer before drawing up plans.
Below you will find a list of important documents in addition to an overview of our process and any associated fees. All applications throughout the process can be sent to and must be received one week prior to the next Custom Architectural Review Committee meeting. If your application requires review by our architect consultant, per our CC&Rs, our Committee has 30 days from receipt of your complete submittal to issue a decision.
If you still have questions after reading through this page and all attached documents, please call our office at 480-357-8780.


Below are the three important documents you will need throughout this process:


Below you'll find a step-by-step summary of our home building process. For more details and official language, please refer to our Custom Home Design Guidelines.
  1. Once again, please review the Custom Home Design Guidelines before beginning any design work on your home. These guidelines outline the dos and don'ts of home building at Las Sendas.
  2. You'll begin by submitting a Custom Home Design Review Application in preparation for a pre-design meeting. This meeting will be scheduled upon receipt of a complete application and will be held at your lot with the Design Review Committee, you, and your architect or designer. You will need to provide a topographical and boundary survey.
  3. Next, you'll submit preliminary plans using the same Custom Home Design Review Application. These preliminary plans will be reviewed by our architect consultant who will make comments for our Committee to discuss. The Committee will then issue a decision. If your preliminary plans are not approved, comments will be provided to you and this step will be repeated until your preliminary plans are approved.
  4. Once approved, you'll submit your final plan sets, a model, and a color board along with a Custom Home Design Review Application. Each of these items must be approved by the Committee.
  5. When your final plans are approved, you (as the lot owner) and your builder will sign our builder agreement. You may then move forward with obtaining final permits from the City of Mesa and any other applicable entities external to the Las Sendas Community Association.
  6. With your plans approved and permits in hand, you're almost ready to begin construction! At this stage of the process, you'll submit a Custom Home Design Review Application to schedule a pre-construction meeting at the lot with our Committee, you, and your builder. You must complete this step before beginning any construction, and your temporary construction fence must already be erected on the property.
  7. Construction begins!
  8. Along the way, sometimes plans change — and that's okay! If you decide on changing anything from your final approved plans at any time, please submit an additional Custom Home Design Review Application for the Committee's review of your proposed design change.
  9. Once the rough framing is complete, you'll submit a Custom Home Design Review Application for your rough framing inspection. This meeting will be held so that the Committee can ensure that everything is being built according to approved plans.
  10. Once your home is complete, you'll submit one last Custom Home Design Review Application to schedule a final inspection of the home.


Per our CC&Rs, there are fees associated with building a new home in Las Sendas.
View the fee schedule in section 3 (page 7) of our Custom Home Design Guidelines.
Looking to modify your home after it's been completed and your final inspection has been approved? Check out the custom home information provided on our MODIFY MY HOME page.
Looking for the next Architectural Review Committee (ARC) meeting? Visit our community calendar to find a list of upcoming Association meetings.