Las Sendas


There's always something happening at Las Sendas — see the status of various projects the Association is working on around the community right here.
Some of the natural turf areas will be overseeded starting September 18. These locations will be marked with signs and caution tape. Please be aware of these areas and refrain from use until the signs and tape are removed.

Thank you for your patience while we complete these improvements to Las Sendas!
The Board approved the bid for Titan Painting to paint the common walls, view fences, and all the vehicle gates. This work will start in September. Check back here for dates and additional updates. The following enclaves will have this painting work done in 2023/2024:
Tentative Painting Schedule:
Sonoran Hills: September - 3 weeks
Eagle Feather: October - 5 weeks
Ironwood Pass: November - 4 weeks
Vintage Hills: December - 2 weeks
Silverhawk: December - 2 weeks
Terraces: January - 2 weeks
Desert Vistas: January-  4 weeks
Sonoran Heights: February - 2 weeks
Stoneledge: March - 1 week
Cobblestone: March - 2 weeks
Founders Ranch: April - 2 weeks
Boulder Mountain: April - 2 weeks
Shadow Canyon: May - 2 weeks
Featherwind: May - 2 weeks
Echo Canyon: June/July - 6 weeks
Last updated September 6, 2023.
Road Sealcoating
Holbrook Asphalt will be applying HA5 Sealcoat to some streets in the community from September 18 -29. The enclaves listed below will have this work performed. Please see the attached maps and schedules. Residents will be notified with street closures. 
The roads will not be available for travel or parking at all. Sprinklers must be turned off 24 before, during, and 24 hours after the work is complete. Residents affected by street closures will be notified in advance.
Pinnacle Ridge
Range Rider (Granite Mountain, Eagle Ridge, Canyon Preserve, Stone Canyon, Estates)
Granite Ridge
Golf Colony
Click HERE to view the full map and schedule for your enclave.
Mailbox Replacement
At the August meeting, the Board approved Express Mailbox Services to replace the mailboxes in the following enclaves:  Pinnacle Ridge, Pinnacle Hills, Legacy Hills, Hidden Canyon, and Diamond Point. This project is scheduled for November – December 2023 and will involve remodeling the mailbox structures and coordinating the delivery of new keys to residents.
Last updated September 14, 2023.
Road Paving
Pinnacle Paving will be repaving roads in the following enclaves in October and November:
Echo Canyon
Diamond Point
Boulder Mountain
Rolling Hills
Legacy Hills
Streets will be closed while this work is being performed. Residents of these enclaves will be notified with schedules and maps before work begins.
The preliminary schedules for street repair by enclave are posted below. 
Last updated September 19, 2023.
*This project is complete.*
The pickleball courts will be closed for resealing by Outplay Sports. 
Due to inclement weather, the pickleball resealing project has been extended. We anticipate the courts reopening on Sunday, September 10, weather permitting. As a result, courts will remain closed, and all reservations made prior to September 8 will be canceled.
Thank you for your patience as we improve the courts! 
Last updated September 11, 2023.
Coral Pools will be resurfacing and sealing the pool decks at Boulder Mountain Park and the Trailhead. They will also resurface the splash pad. The pool will be closed while work is being performed.
Trailhead Pool: September 5 – September 22
The Boulder Mountain pool will be open during this time.
Boulder Mountain Pool: September 22 – October 6
The Trailhead pool will be open during this time.
Splashpad: October 9 – October 20
Last updated August 30, 2023.
*This project is complete.*
Pinnacle Paving will be filling road cracks throughout many Las Sendas enclaves over the next month.
Drive with caution and avoid work areas if possible. Streets will be open, but you can expect short delays in the designated work areas each day. View the schedule for your enclave here.
Last updated August 7, 2023.
The Board approved the bid from Stormwater Pros to clean out 31 culverts/storm drains in the community.
This Project has been completed.
Last updated August 10, 2023.
Fire Mitigation work has been completed by Siphon Draw in the following enclaves: Sonoran Heights, Pinnacle Point, Eagle Feather, and Vintage Hills.
Last updated June 20, 2023.
The Board approved the bid from Frank Civil Consulting for oversight of the 2023 street
maintenance to remove/replace asphalt in six enclaves, crack fill in 22 enclaves and patching as needed. Check back here for dates and additional updates.
Last updated June 8, 2023.
Irrigation and Landscape Enhancements
Irrigation Upgrades & Landscape Enhancements
In 2021, the Board approved phase 1 of the irrigation renovation and enclave entrance enhancement project. Included in this project is the replacement of all major irrigation components and the installation of plants and trees. 
Phase 1 - COMPLETE
Boulder Mountain - East
Boulder Mountain - West
Desert Vistas on Mountain Ridge 
Desert Vistas on Ridgecrest
Eagle Feather - North 
Eagle Feather - South
Granite Ridge
Ironwood Pass - North
Ironwood Pass - South
Rock Canyon I - (South)
Shadow Canyon 
Sonoran Heights
Vintage Hills
Phase 2 – Scheduled for completion by October.
All remaining enclave entrances
Last updated August 10, 2022.
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