Las Sendas


There's always something happening at Las Sendas — see the status of various projects the Association is working on around the community right here.
Furniture Painting
Furniture Restoration
At the April meeting, the Board approved Tot Lot Services to repaint furniture throughout the community using a colored high solid industrial paint. This repainting option was selected due to the rising material costs and is expected to extend the useful life of our furniture by at least five years. The scope will include 76 park benches, 6 tables, and 16 trash receptacles.
The work is scheduled to begin this fall after the monsoon season ends.
Last updated June 29, 2022.
Common Area Wall Painting
Common Area Wall Painting
At the June 23 meeting, the Board approved Allstar Pro Painting to paint the common area walls for the following areas:
  • Range Rider - DONE
  • Rock Canyon - DONE
  • Windsong Pool Area - DONE
  • Boulder Mountain Park - DONE
  • Founders Ranch - DONE
  • Eagle Canyon - DONE
  • Pinnacle Point 5 - July 25th – August 20th (Excluding Sundays)
Last updated July 18, 2022.
Street Maintenance
Proposals for 2022 street maintenance will be reviewed by the Board at the August 25 Board meeting. The seal coat workwill likely be completed this November. Below is a list of enclaves scheduled for street maintenance.
  • Pinnacle Hills - Crack Fill, Seal Coat
  • Pinnacle Point - Crack Fill, Seal Coat
  • Rock Canyon I - Crack Fill
  • Cachet - Crack Fill, Seal Coat
  • Canyon Creek - Crack Fill
  • Cobblestone - Crack Fill
  • Eagle Feather - Seal Coat
  • Granite Preserve - Crack FIll, Seal Coat
  • Highlands - Seal Coat
  • Ironwood Pass - Crack FIll
  • Mountain Village - Crack Fill
  • Rock Canyon II - Crack Fill
  • Sonoran Hills - Crack Fill
  • Vintage Hills - Crack Fill
  • Walking Stick - Crack Fill, Partial Seal Coat
Asphalt Reconstruction (remove and replace) is scheduled to be done in the following enclaves in 2023:
  • Boulder Mountain
  • Grayfox (south of Windsong) 
  • Legacy Hills
  • Windsong
Updated July 5, 2022
Post Tension Tennis Courts
Post Tension Tennis Courts
Post-tension tennis courts were installed on courts 3, 4, and 5 at the Sonoran Hills Tennis Club in 2021.  
Upgrades for courts 1 and 2 at the Trailhead began February 28, 2022; work was completed in late July.
Court 6 at Sonoran Hills Tennis Club will be resealed in the summer of 2022. We are experiencing delays in reopening the courts due to the monsoon rains. 
Post-tension concrete courts will resist and prevent cracking, thanks to pre-stressed steel tendons below the surface. These upgraded courts will provide Las Sendas with a sturdy and durable playing surface that can withstand the rigors of consistent use.
Last updated July 29, 2022.
Fire Mitigation
Fire Mitigation
It takes all of us to do our part to reduce the risk of devastating wildfires from threatening our homes and our community. A home and a community that has clear defensible space are more likely to survive a wildfire, plus it keeps our firefighters on the ground safe when they are working to save your property.
Fire mitigation was completed in the following enclaves in 2022.
  • Legacy Hills, Pinnacle Hills, Stone Cliff, Mountain Gate, Granite Preserve, Echo Canyon, Whispering Ridge 
This fall, the Landscape Committee will review enclaves to establish the list for 2023.
As a general rule, the scope of work includes the following (This isn’t a science. It’s more of an art by trained professionals):
  • Clearing away vegetation within 5 feet of walls, with the exception of healthy trees and cacti with diameters over 4 inches. 
  • Trimming trees so that branches do not hang lower than about five feet from the ground.
  • Removing any “dead and down” material, meaning large broken branches, dead trees and shrubs, and fallen trees or branches.
  • Removal of invasive plant species.
For more information about our fire mitigation plans, the Firewise USA designation, and what you can do to protect your property, click here.
Last updated July 19, 2022.
Enclave Roof Tile Replacement
Headlee roofing, the original roof contractor for the majority of the association's common areas, replaced the roof tiles on the entry decorative features at following 15 enclaves in 2022.
Diamond Point
Eagle Canyon
Founders Ranch
Granite Preserve
Hidden Canyon
Legacy Hills
Mountain Village
Rock Canyon I
Rock Canyon II
Stone Cliff
Vintage Hills
A quote has been requested for the Golf Colony entrance. 
Updated July 19, 2022
Vehicle Gate
Vehicle Gate Component Project
Every enclave received more secure gates that can be opened by a sticker on your headlight, called an RFID tag. 
Here are some additional helpful links:
Last updated June 27, 2022.
City of Mesa
Sewer Manhole Access Project + Closed Trails
The City of Mesa Engineering department has informed us that a ten-foot-wide dirt utility access road will be built outside the western edge of our community, just north of Thomas Road and parallel to Power Road. Work will begin this month and last approximately three months. 
Talis Construction will be clearing some existing vegetation and constructing a stabilized dirt access road with drainage crossings to prohibit dust and erosion. This path will provide City utility crews access to existing utility holes for periodic cleaning and maintenance. Work will take place during daytime hours, and you may hear some related construction noise. 
During construction, the existing trail and access points from the neighborhood will be temporarily closed. Please do not attempt to walk, run or bike in this area until improvements are complete and barricades removed! Please adhere to this temporary closure for your safety.
If you have any questions or concerns about this project, please contact Curt Albright or Michele Arrollado with the City of Mesa Engineering Public Relations Department at 480-644-3800. You can also reach Talis Construction via their project hotline at 480-532-5588.
Last updated October 20, 2021.
New Amenity Access Cards
New Amenity Access Cards
New and more secure amenity access cards were made available in June 2021, and our system is live! 
Last updated June 29, 2021.
Looking for something else? Feel free to give us a call during regular business hours at 480-357-8780.