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There's always something happening at Las Sendas — see the status of various projects the Association is working on around the community right here.
Playground Shades
Playground Shades
Shade for the Trailhead and Sonoran Heights playgrounds was approved in 2020 along with the proposal for the new equipment. Since then, the Association management had concerns about a lack of proper documentation for the warranty that needed to be resolved before the shades were installed. When scheduling the work, the contractor learned that the equipment required for the footings could not be transported to the site; thus, new plans had to be engineered. 
Footings for the new shade posts were excavated the week of August 9. We are currently awaiting the rebar cages, which are expected to be installed by the end of September.  The type of cover requires precise engineering and measurements. To ensure a perfect fit, the manufacturer will not fabricate the covers until the posts are installed and measured. Therefore, the posts will be installed about 6-8 weeks before the shade cover is placed on top.  Our contractor is trying hard to expedite the work. Thank you for your patience!
Last updated September 9, 2021.
Fire Mitigation
Fire Mitigation
DLC Resources is performing fire mitigation in some of our common areas. The work began on August 23 and will take about four months to complete. The following enclaves are scheduled for 2021:
  • Founders Ranch
  • Grayfox
  • Mountain Village
  • Pinnacle Hills
  • Silverhawk
  • Sonoran Hills
  • Terraces
  • Windsong
For more information about Las Sendas' fire mitigation plans, the Firewise USA designation, and what you can do to protect your property, click here.
Last updated September 9, 2021.
Post Tension Tennis Courts
Post Tension Tennis Courts
Our contractor, General Acrylics, has scheduled the installation of some post-tension tennis courts for this summer. This work began on July 12, 2021, and may take up to three months to complete. We anticipate that this project will be completed sometime in October 2021.

Post-tension concrete courts will resist and prevent cracking, thanks to pre-stressed steel tendons below the surface. These upgraded courts will provide Las Sendas with a sturdy and durable playing surface that can withstand the rigors of consistent use.

During the installation, courts three, four, and five at the Sonoran Hills Tennis Club (at Boulder Mountain Parke) will be closed.
Court six at Boulder Mountain and courts one and two at the Trailhead will not be affected, as their upgrades are scheduled for 2022.
Last updated September 14, 2021.
Vehicle Gate
Vehicle Gate Component Project
Every enclave is scheduled to receive new, more secure gates that can be opened by a sticker on your headlight, called an RFID tag. The schedule for this project will change occasionally — you can view the updated gate schedule here.
Here are some additional helpful links:
Last updated May 4, 2021.
New Amenity Access Cards
New Amenity Access Cards
New and more secure amenity access cards are here, and our system is live!
Last updated June 29, 2021.
City of Mesa
City of Mesa Construction
The City of Mesa has contracted Talis to repair existing sewer utility holes and construct additional sewer line improvements in the common area on the west side of Red Mountain, just north of the Sanctuary entrance at Redberry Road. Construction began on August 5, 2021 and is anticipated to be completed in mid to late September. In case of inclement weather or equipment failure, scheduling may be delayed.
If you have any questions or concerns about this work specifically, please contact the Talis Project Hotline at 480-532-5588 or Michele Arrollado with the City of Mesa Engineering Public Relations Department at (480) 644-3800.
Last updated August 10, 2021.
Asphalt Work
Asphalt Repair and Reconstruction
The Las Sendas Community Association Board of Directors has approved plans to repair roads, fill cracks, reconstruct streets, and seal asphalt. If your enclave will be affected, you will receive enclave-specific email communications.
Last updated September 9, 2021.
New Mailboxes
New Mailboxes
This fall, seven more enclaves will be receiving brand new, more secure mailboxes. Below are the tentative installation dates for the remainder of this year's project. If your mailbox is being replaced, you'll receive a letter via USPS and an email in advance.
  • Grayfox — Friday, August 27
  • Rolling Hills — Thursday & Saturday, September 16 & 18
  • Silverhawke — Friday & Saturday, November 5 and 6                              
  • Sonoran Heights — Saturday, October 9
  • Sonoran Hills — Saturday, September 25
  • The Highlands — Thursday & Saturday, October 28 & 30
  • The Terraces — Thursday, October 7
Last updated August 26, 2021.
Tree Trimming
Enclave Tree Trimming
Tree Trimming within the enclaves ("behind the gates") is currently underway.  Storm activity may delay the schedule, as fallen and damaged trees and cacti are prioritized ahead of tree trimming maintenance. 
Last updated July 13, 2021.
Common Area Wall Painting
Common Area Wall Painting
After obtaining bids for the 2021 painting project, we learned that current prices are significantly higher than budgeted. Not only do these costs affect payments from the Association's reserve account, but they also affect homeowners directly, since residents are responsible for reimbursing the Association 50% of the cost to paint the wrought iron on their walls (where applicable). At the June 24 meeting, the Board decided to defer the 2021 painting project until 2022 or until costs go down.
Once the Board decides to move forward on this project again, the common area walls for the following enclaves will be scheduled to be repainted:
  • Black Rock
  • Legacy Hills
  • Mountain Gate
  • Stonecliff
  • Trailridge
  • Preserve
  • Pinnacle Hills  
  • Golf Colony
  • Granite Preserve
Last updated July 2, 2021.
Looking for something else? Feel free to give us a call during regular business hours at 480-357-8780.