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Below you'll find additional information about assessments, our strategic plan, and resident-run committees.


New Invoice Format
The "Late $ + Interest" circled below is not a new charge and will only be applied if your assessment is not paid by the indicated “Late Date.” If you do not pay by the "Late Date," then you will be responsible for the "Late $ + Interest" fee.
Homeowners become members of the Las Sendas Community Association when they purchase a home. Members are responsible for paying quarterly dues, called assessments, to support community operations and reserve funds.
Assessments are due on the 1st of each quarter. Assessments received after the 15th of the month are subject to late fees.
Current quarterly assessments (effective 1/1/2024):
  • All Las Sendas lots: $442.20
  • Windsong lots add $74.70
  • Las Sendas Mountain lots add $52.65
  • Cachet condominiums, please contact United Community Management at 480-567-9791 for additional assessments and/or fees
  • Desert Creek is not a part of the Las Sendas Community Association; please contact Associated Asset Management at 602-674-4385 for relevant information
Below, you'll find helpful links and ways to pay — please note that your login information for your assessment balance and your account information may be different than what you use to log in to Please call us at 480-357-8780 if you need assistance. Alternatively, you can reach the CCMC corporate offices at 480-921-7500 for assistance.
Helpful links:
Ways to pay:
  • DIRECT DEBIT/ACH UPDATE (July 17, 2023) - Residents previously set up for Direct Debit/ACH with CCMC will need to set up automatic payments through Alliance Association Bank (AAB).
  • Recurring Electronic Payments through Association Alliance Bank
    • To establish a recurring payment, please visit to set up your account.
      • Select the state your community resides (Arizona).
      • Under New Users, choose Setup Account and follow the prompts as directed. 
    • There are no fees for this option.
    • IMPORTANT - If you establish recurring payments with Alliance Association Bank and the assessment changes, you will be responsible for updating your payment with any noted changes to your assessment value. CCMC and Alliance Association Bank are not related companies. To comply with privacy laws, we do not share personal information.
  • One-time Electronic Check Payments
    • Visit our webpage at
      • Select the state your community resides (Arizona).
      • Under One Time Payment, select the eCheck or Debit/Credit Card icon and follow the prompts as directed.
    • There is a $2.95 fee per transaction charged by the bank for each one-time eCheck payment.
    • Phone payments are not available.
  • One-time Debit and Credit Card Payments
    • Visit our webpage at
      • Select the state your community resides (Arizona).
      • Under One Time Payment, select the Debit/Credit Card icon and follow the prompts as directed.
    • The bank charges a $5.00 flat processing fee per debit card transaction and a 3.5% per 
      credit card transaction. American Express, Discover, Mastercard and Visa are accepted.
    • Phone payments are not available.
  • Individual Bank Bill Payment Services
    • If you are using a bill payment service through your bank or a third party, please do the following:
      • Include your account number
      • Update the payment address to:
Las Sendas Community Association
c/o CCMC
PO Box 93327
Las Vegas, NV 89193-3327
      • Many bill payment services submit payments electronically. The correct account number is essential to ensure your payment is posted accurately and timely.
      • If your assessment changes, you must also update your account information with your financial institution
  • Pay by check
    • All checks can be made out to the Las Sendas Community Association (or "LSCA").
    • You MUST include your account number (found on your statement) and/or your statement stub
    • Bring your check in to our offices at the Trailhead during regular business hours, or mail it to:
Las Sendas Community Association
c/o CCMC
P.O. Box 93327
Las Vegas, NV 89193-3327


To enrich our residents’ experiences by promoting:
  • Protection and enhancement of our beautiful desert uplands setting.
  • Lifestyle opportunities that offer the best amenities and most impactful social and wellness activities to promote meaningful connections.
  • A financially strong community association.
  • A safe community, which is multigenerational, inclusive and consistently explores new ways to enhance community values.
To be the Valley of the Sun's most desired community.

Past Presentations and Initiatives


The Las Sendas committees, working groups, and advisory groups are made up of residents appointed by the Board and charged with a specific responsibility as set by the Board of Directors or as outlined in the CC&Rs. Below is a list of active groups and committees, with links to their respective charters.
All committee, working group, and advisory group meetings are held at the Trailhead and are open to all Las Sendas residents. If you would like to attend, it is recommended that you call our office at 480-357-8780 in advance of the meeting to ensure no last-minute changes have been made to the location or schedules.
Committees, working groups, and advisory groups (click on each name to view its charter):
 If you are interested in applying to be a member of any committee, working group, or advisory group, please fill out and return this volunteer application.