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Posted on June 3, 2021 by Las Sendas Community Association
School’s out for the summer, and that leaves many kids and teens with a lot of free time. Here you’ll find five reminders for Las Sendas residents that you can use as talking points with your family.
Most of our parks and pools are open between 6:00 am and 10:00 pm every day. Establishing curfews for your family can help to keep them safe and out of trouble.
Especially here in the Arizona desert, there are extreme fire risks with such dry weather. Remind your family to not play with candles, matches, lighters, or anything else that might spark a fire. Encourage bonfires and city-approved fireworks only in the safety of your backyard.
It is imperative for drivers to follow all traffic laws within our community. Nowhere in Las Sendas is the speed limit more than 35 miles per hour. Try taking your family members out driving at night to make sure they don’t miss signage, including stop signs.
You might also discuss how active Las Sendas residents are, which presents a higher risk of an accident with a pedestrian or cyclist. Additionally, a common after-hours complaint we receive is that people appear to be throwing objects such as eggs or water balloons at passing cars. While this may seem harmless, it has the potential to harm vehicles and distract drivers, potentially leading to accidents.
Vandalism of any kind is not tolerated here in Las Sendas. Destruction of property costs everyone, not just the vandals.
Most importantly of all, there are so many fun recreational activities available in our neighborhood! With pools, tennis courts, volleyball courts, bocce ball, basketball courts, and several trails around the community, this summer is the perfect time to get moving outdoors. For those who are looking for more adrenalin, check out the nearby Desert Trails bike park on Recker. Whatever you do, be sure to remind your family to stay hydrated, spend time in the shade, and wear sunscreen.
As we all work together, we’re in for a fun and safe summer here at beautiful Las Sendas!
Posted on May 21, 2021 by Las Sendas Community Association
In the next several months, various Las Sendas enclaves will be affected by road work and/or reconstruction. Some enclave roads will have cracks filled and other minor repairs with no anticipated road closures, while others will see road closures due to asphalt reconstruction or seal coating. If your neighborhood will be affected by road closures, you will receive an email a week or two before road work begins.
Click on your enclave name below to view road closure maps:
* Other streets in Grayfox and Hidden Canyon are scheduled for seal coat later this year. We will send notices closer to those dates with more information.
During any and all road work, please watch out for construction workers and drive around any cones or signage related to this road work. Additionally, any loud noise will be temporary. Below you'll find a brief explanation of each step of the road reconstruction process as well as several frequently asked questions pertaining to road reconstruction and closure.
During utility adjustment dates, Pinnacle Paving's sub-contractor, On It Construction, will dig around the existing utilities in the streets, primarily sewer and water man-holes. After digging up the pavement and removing the man-holes, a metal plate will be laid down and covered with dirt and aggregate.
The impact of this work on residents should be minimal, though it can be loud. You and your guests can still drive around the areas being worked on, and if a road is blocked by equipment, the contractor will quickly move it out of the way to let you pass. These dirt areas will remain exposed until the roads are paved.
During the milling process, Pinnacle Paving will have large equipment and trucks on the roads. The milling contractor will let people around and in and out of driveways at all times; however, a short delay should be expected when you encounter the milling machine. Milling will remove the existing asphalt, leaving only the sub-terrain material underneath.
Although unsightly, you will be able to drive over the roads until the day your road is paved. Please refer to the map for the exact day your road is scheduled to be paved.
Streets will be closed on paving day, from about 7:00 am on the first date of construction through about 7:00 am the morning after the last date of construction.
During this brief time of road closure:
  • You will not be able to have any landscape or other routine maintenance services.
  • You must turn off your front yard irrigation during road maintenance on your street.
  • You will be accountable for all damage to your vehicles and the work product if you drive around road closures or move any traffic control materials.
  • Your safety and that of the workers are of the utmost importance. Please observe and obey all traffic control devices. Never remove traffic control materials.
After the roads are paved, the subcontractor will return to reinstall the utility manhole covers and pour cement collars around them. The roads will be open, but drivers should still observe and obey traffic control devices.
Please review the frequently asked question below for more details and information, especially if your driveway is adjacent to a closed road. 
Thank you in advance for your patience and cooperation during this brief time of enhancement.
1. What if I need to use my vehicle? Where can I park my vehicle?
If you need to use your vehicle during the short period of road closure, please plan ahead by parking your vehicle outside of the area that is designated as closed. You may park your vehicle on Ridgecrest, Eagle Crest, or Mountain Ridge.
2. What if I have landscapers, contractors, or guests scheduled to visit?
You will not be able to have any landscape or other routine maintenance services. Please reschedule these services and notify your guests of the road closure.
3. What about my trash and recycle bins?
Trash and recycling bins will be picked up on regularly scheduled collection days before 7:00 am on the dates of your road closures. Please place your trash bins out the night before to ensure that you are not missed.
4. What if I have scheduled deliveries?
You will not be able to receive deliveries from FedEx, UPS, Amazon, or other carriers on the dates of road closure — please reschedule deliveries with your carrier.
5. What if there is an emergency?
Only official construction and emergency vehicles will be allowed to drive through the construction area or on a wet seal. As always, resident health and safety is always the top priority at Las Sendas.
6. What if there is bad weather or other unforeseen circumstances?
In the event of inclement weather or unforeseen circumstances that would require your enclave's road work and closures to be rescheduled, we will do our best to notify you via email.
7. So what is actually happening to these roads?
The roads identified in the reconstruction map will be milled, meaning that the asphalt surface will be removed. Then, it will be cleaned up, graded, and repaved, and you'll have shiny new roads! Check out the Las Sendas resident-submitted video of the process.
Still have questions? Feel free to give us a call anytime on weekdays, 8:00 am-5:00 pm, at 480-357-8780.
Updated May 24, 2021.
Posted on May 5, 2021 by Las Sendas Community Association
Our new Las Sendas amenity access card system is LIVE! This means that your old pool cards and court keys will no longer work. You must have a new amenity access card to use these Las Sendas amenities.
This system will provide additional security, be more convenient with the single card versus multiple keys, and maintain the exclusivity of our community amenities for residents only.
If you picked up your card at one of our events and the card is not allowing you access to the amenities, you can call the Trailhead at 480-357-8780. Please have your card handy so we can activate it over the phone for you.
If you were unable to pick up your new amenity access card(s) at one of our scheduled pick up events, you can now pick them up from our office at the Trailhead during regular business hours.
The Trailhead Members Club
7900 E. Eagle Crest Dr.
Mesa, AZ 85207
Monday-Friday, 8:30 am-4:30 pm
If you cannot pick up your amenity access card(s) yourself, you may designate a neighbor, friend, or family member to do that for you using the following form:
The first card issued to each lot in Las Sendas will be provided free of charge. Each lot is allowed up to two additional amenity access cards at $50 each. These can be purchased at the Trailhead office using a debit card, credit card, or check — no cash will be accepted.
1. When will the new amenity access cards be available to pick up?
The new amenity access cards are now available for pick up from our office at the Trailhead during regular business hours.
The Trailhead Members Club
7900 E. Eagle Crest Dr.
Mesa, AZ 85207
Monday-Friday, 8:30 am-4:30 pm
If you cannot pick up your amenity access card(s) yourself, you may designate a neighbor, friend, or family member to do that for you using the following form:
5. What should I do with my old card(s) and key(s)?
You may now dispose of old cards and keys as they will no longer work at any of our amenities.
6. What if I’m a renter?
Only homeowners on file with the Las Sendas Community Association, or those they designate, may pick up new amenity access cards. Contact the homeowner or have your property management company contact the homeowner and ask them to fill out this online form if they want to designate you as the pick up person:
All homeowners and designees will be required to present their photo ID in order to pick up or purchase amenity access card(s). 
7. I'd like to purchase additional cards. What do I do?
Each lot is provided with one amenity access card free of charge. Lots are permitted up to two additional amenity access cards, for a total of three possible cards programmed for each lot. These additional cards cost $50 each and can be paid for when you pick up your free amenity access card.
For renters, the homeowner of record must authorize you to purchase additional cards as they will be programmed under the homeowner's name.
8. What if I do not currently live at Las Sendas and have an off-site address on file with the Association?
If you have an off-site address on file with the Association, you should have received alternative options for obtaining your card in the mail. If you did not receive this mailing, click here to view the letter.
9. I live in Las Sendas. Can you mail me my card?
Yes! There is a $5 shipping charge for cards that are mailed to any address that can be paid for by check. Use this form to request that your card be mailed to you.
10. Why are the additional cards $50 each?
One of the primary benefits of the new access cards is the added security they will provide for the pickleball and tennis courts, and the convenience of one card for all amenities. The Board set the cost for the keys at $50 with security in mind. 
11. I picked up my card, why isn’t it activated?
Cards may be deactivated if an owner is 15 days behind on assessments or any fees. If you have a past-due balance on your account, please call our office at 480-357-8780.
Updated Wednesday, June 2, 2021.
Posted on May 5, 2021 by Las Sendas Community Association
Categories: Security and Safety
“Speeding has always been an issue,” says Joe Draper, City of Mesa Traffic Studies Analyst and Las Sendas resident. In a study conducted by the City of Mesa earlier this year, one in three drivers on Eagle Crest was driving more than five miles per hour over posted speed limits, with similar results found on Ridgecrest and Red Mountain.
In such an active community with walkers, runners, and bikers — not to mention our landscaping crews — there’s a lot of activity on and near our roads. Everyone must follow posted speed limit signage to prevent accidents and keep our community safe.
The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) reports that “For more than two decades, speeding has been involved in approximately one-third of all motor vehicle fatalities.” Speeding becomes increasingly dangerous when there’s bad weather, road work, or limited nighttime visibility.
Pedestrians and bikers also need to follow all road rules for their safety and the safety of others. This includes not walking or running on the roads. The City of Mesa Code of Ordinances requires pedestrians to stay off streets wherever there are sidewalks available unless they are in a crosswalk (Reso. 990, 1771).
Unfortunately, we cannot install speed humps on collector roads, such as Ridgecrest, Eagle Crest, and Red Mountain due to the City of Mesa’s requirements and regulations. That being said, the City included Las Sendas collector roads as part of a more extensive study to potentially modify the shape of medians to encourage speed limit adherence. Additionally, requests for more Police Department presence (patrols and speed radars) within our community have been made to combat speeding.
Most importantly, as Las Sendas residents, each of us can contribute to safe roads and neighborhoods by following posted speed limits and watching out for our neighbors.
Posted on April 26, 2021 by Las Sendas Community Association
Trees in Las Sendas
This time of year, desert species trees like Mesquites and Palo Verdes are putting on extra growth. Add all the winds we've been having, and we have a messy combination! Those of us who have pools are all too familiar with the extra work the tree debris can cause, and it's common for residents to contact the Association's office asking for trees to be trimmed to reduce debris in their yard.
Unfortunately, our community's trimming budget to trim trees outside of the regular trimming cycle is limited and does not include the cost to trim trees because debris is blowing into a yard. Owners have the right to trim tree branches on their side of the wall, so long as the work is performed from your lot and the tree debris is disposed of in your trash.
The Association's annual tree trimming budget does cover the cost to trim about one-third of the trees in the maintained common areas each year. Maintained common areas generally include community entrances, parks, pools, and other spaces that are roughly 20 feet from the streets. Trees outside of these areas, such as in the "washes" behind homes, are not included in this scope. Rather, they are only trimmed on an as-needed basis, such as when a tree poses a threat to your property (such as wall damage) if it is grossly overgrown or heavy with dead branches.
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