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Don’t Let Scammers Get Access to Important Information
Posted on Apr 12, 2024
Before you toss out documents with your personal information, consider shredding them. Scam artists are looking for ways to steal your identity and account information through “paper” identity theft. 
Custom Guideline Changes
Posted on Jan 30, 2024
The following Custom Guideline changes were approved by the Board and went into effect on January 25, 2024: 
Fees and deposits:
  1. Security Deposit - $30,000
  2. Review Fee- $7,500.00
  3. Construction Access Fee: $6,000.00
  4. Construction Extension Fee $5,000.00
Custom applications are now required to be submitted 2 weeks prior to the meeting.
View the new custom guidelines here.
January 4 Custom ARC Meeting Canceled
Posted on Jan 2, 2024
The January 4 Custom Architectural Review Committee (ARC) meeting has been canceled.
The next meeting will take place on January 18 at 8 am.
All applications must be received at least one week before each meeting to be considered for the meeting’s review agenda.
For more information about the architectural review process, visit  
Tennis & Pickleball Updates
Posted on Nov 20, 2023
On October 26, the Board 2023 ad-hoc working group to address pickleball court usage presented their final recommendations to the Board, which were approved. Below are some of those updates.
Holiday Decorations and Lighting Guidelines
Posted on Oct 30, 2023
On October 26, 2023, a revision to the Production and Custom Guidelines was approved:
 "Decorations and lighting are approved for Halloween between October 1 to November 7, for Thanksgiving between November 7 to December 1, for Holiday/Christmas between Thanksgiving Day to January 25, as well as 7 days before and after Easter and Independence Day."
Bank Change Reminder for Automatic Withdrawal Residents
Posted on Oct 26, 2023
The fourth quarter of 2023 is upon us and on October 1, 2023, the final assessments for 2023 were due. This is the first assessment payment since the bank transitioned from Pacific Western Bank to Alliance Association Bank in August 2023. This week, the management team received several calls from residents who set up a Direct Debit through CCMC before the transition to pay the quarterly payments because their payments were not debited from their bank accounts. If you were set up to have payments automatically drawn, we ask that you confirm your bank account has been debited for the fourth quarter assessments.
If it has not, please see below for options.
Below is a step-by-step outline for making payments online.
To establish eligibility for recurring payment processing through Alliance Association Bank, please visit CCMC's payment portal. Under New Users, elect to "Setup Account" and follow the prompts as directed. Note the following information will be necessary: 
• CCMC Management Company ID: 6675
• Las Sendas Community Association ID: 364
• Your Property Account #: This can be found on your statement
There is no charge for the election of recurring eCheck payments. However, if establishing recurring payments with Alliance Association Bank, if the assessment changes, it will be necessary to update your payment with any changes to your assessment value. CCMC and Alliance Association Bank are not related companies. To comply with privacy laws, we do not share personal information.
The bank charges a $2.95 fee per transaction for use of one-time eCheck payment. Phone payments are not available.
The bank charges a $5.00 flat processing fee per debit card transaction and a 3.5% per credit card transaction. American Express, Discover, Master Card, and Visa are accepted. Phone payments are not available.
Please contact the office at if you need assistance with your account number.
If you establish recurring payments with Alliance Association Bank and your assessment changes, updating your payment with any noted changes to your assessment value will be necessary. CCMC and Alliance Association Bank are not related companies. To comply with privacy laws, we do not share personal information.
Production ARC Meeting Time Change
Posted on Oct 24, 2023
The Production Architectural Review Committee (ARC) meeting has been moved from November 23 to November 21 at 8 am.
Production (ARC) typically meets on the second and fourth Thursdays of each month, unless otherwise noted.
On-site home inspections often occur at the beginning of the meeting. Start time at the office for application review may vary.
Please contact our Design Review Coordinator, Kimberly Kelley prior to attending.
All applications must be received at least one week before each meeting to be considered for the meeting’s review agenda.
For more information about the architectural review process, visit  
Promoting a Financially Strong Community
Posted on Sep 20, 2023
Earlier this year, the Board asked the Finance Committee to complete an analysis of the Association’s investment accounts and report on its performance since its inception. At the August 31 meeting, the Finance Committee presented its report. 
July 20 Custom ARC Meeting Canceled
Posted on Jul 13, 2023
The July 20 Custom Architectural Review Committee (ARC) meeting has been canceled.
The next meeting will take place on August 3 at 8 am.
All applications must be received at least one week before each meeting to be considered for the meeting’s review agenda.
For more information about the architectural review process, visit  
Trailhead Workshop and Recent Questions
Posted on Jun 8, 2023
Las Sendas offers several official communications channels (linked below) so you can stay informed. Sometimes residents read information from non-official channels such as Facebook groups or Nextdoor, and reach out to us with questions. It’s important to note, the information on these channels is not always accurate. We are always happy to talk through any concerns shared by residents, but in response to a recent increase in misinformation circulating throughout the community, we wanted to share answers to some of the questions we are receiving. 
Land Scams Have Arrived In Our Neighborhood
Posted on Apr 17, 2023
Land Scams Have Arrived In Our Neighborhood
A must-read for all property owners and buyers!
By Natascha and John Karadsheh
Owners, KOR Properties

In the last few months, land scams have become increasingly common across the country and have even impacted our neighborhood.  We are personally aware of several scam attempts and want to urge property owners to be aware especially if they own vacant lots, land parcels, or other investment properties. While vacant land scams are among the most common, the scammers are also targeting homes without mortgages that are vacant or used for vacation rentals, especially those owned by corporations or out-of-state homeowners. They have also targeted homes owned by people who have recently deceased. Sellers need to keep tabs on their properties and buyers need to be extremely careful and educate themselves if they are looking to purchase property.
Enclave Vehicle Gate Damage
Posted on Mar 20, 2023
We have been experiencing continual damage to the Enclave vehicle gates. The vast majority of the issues in the past few months are the result of vehicles striking the gates. To increase security, maglocks were installed to prevent the gates from being pushed open. To work correctly, the gates open one at a time and a few seconds slower than before. Please remind the drivers who live in or visit your home to be patient and wait for the gates to open on their own. If the Association learns of damage caused by a resident, their guest or contractor, the owner of the lot may be charged for the repairs.
How to keep your gate fully functioning:
Please be patient and do not push your vehicle through the gate.
Please remind children that the gates are not a toy to be ridden.
Please update your personal gate code annually.
There are NO master codes for the community. You must give your guests your own personal code or have them utilize the directory in order to access the enclave.  
Numbers between January 2023 - March 2023:
67 service calls to ParkPro for gate repairs
36 of those calls were due to vehicle strikes to the gates.
Parking Guest Pass Program
Posted on Mar 9, 2023
While residents must use their garage and driveway for parking, your guests may park on the street for up to 72 hours in a seven-day period, provided they aren’t parked in a fire lane. To help reduce the number of unnecessary or incorrect violation letters, we are launching a trial Guest Pass Program.
Each residence can voluntarily stop by the Trailhead Office to collect two (2) guest parking passes. There is no monetary charge for the passes. The passes are a placard identifying the assigned residential address the guest vehicle is associated with. The placard is displayed on the vehicle's rearview mirror when your guest parks overnight on the street. This convenience eliminates the need for residents to contact the Trailhead Offices to advise of temporary overnight guest parking. The evening security patrol will be able to view the displayed pass and avoid issuing any parking violation notices on the guest vehicles.
Please note, this pass is only for a temporary variance for up to 72 consecutive hours. The pass does not provide any variance to fire lane violations.
A Look at Pickleball
Posted on Feb 13, 2023
What is Pickleball? 
Pickleball is one of the fastest-growing sports in the United States. Two or four players use a racket/paddle and hit a perforated hollow polymer ball over a 36-inch-high net using solid-faced paddles. Opponents on either side of the net hit the ball back and forth until one side commits a rule infraction. It is easy to learn and fun to play. 

How can I learn more?
New players can meet other resident players during Resident Open Play, many of whom are happy to teach beginners. 
Residents can also sign up for clinics or lessons with our Pickleball Pro, Jared Call. Click the button below to learn more about clinics and lessons. 
What is Resident Open Play?
Also called Drop-in Pickleball, Resident Open Play is a period of court time when Las Sendas residents can drop in to play with other players of all skill levels. When there are more than four players per court present, the “paddle system” is used to rotate players in and out with each game. Click the button below to view an explanation of the paddle system.

Can I reserve a court to play with my family or friends?
Yes. Las Sendas Residents can reserve a court through the ReserveMyCourt website or app. Residents can invite guests to play with them; however, all guests must be accompanied by a resident on the court. 
Resident Open Play Schedule

In the month of February, the Resident Open Play schedule will be as follows:
  • Mondays, Wednesdays & Fridays mornings from 8-10 am on Court #4
  • Tuesdays & Thursdays evenings from 7-9 pm on Courts #3 & 4
This schedule will be effective through March 3, 2023. At that time, a board-appointed working group will re-evaluate the court usage to determine if Resident Open Play is enjoyed by residents and if additional changes are needed.
Common School Break Past-times
Posted on Jan 13, 2023
Historically, vandalism in our community, especially near Boulder Mountain Park, tends to increase during school breaks, including the winter holidays, spring break and summer break. In addition to more common damage like graffiti, restroom components like toilets and sinks are often destroyed, and soap from the park bathrooms is added to spas and fountains. This of course requires extra labor and repair costs for the Las Sendas Community. 
These actions seem to be occurring after dark and after our security team leaves an area. Our security team is aware of this issue and is paying extra attention to our common areas. Additionally, our Security Director and the Security and Safety Committee are exploring ways to protect our common areas.
If you notice any unusual activity near Boulder Mountain Park at night, please call 480-220-1794 to speak with a security officer. 
Thanks so much for helping to make Las Sendas a safe and enjoyable community for all of our residents!
Commitment to Safety
Posted on Oct 12, 2022
This week, six new automated external defibrillators or AED stations will be installed in various Las Sendas common areas. AEDs can be used by good Samaritans to help those experiencing cardiac arrest. When applied to cardiac arrest victims, AEDs analyzes the heart rhythm and will administer an electric “shock” that can help their heart “restart”. AEDs have audible instructions to walk users through the steps, so they can be used even if you don’t have prior training.
Las Sendas Enclave Landscaping
Posted on Oct 6, 2022
At the Las Sendas Community Association’s September 29 board meeting, the members of the board approved the further replacement of aging and broken irrigation and the addition of desert-uplands landscaping at enclave entrances.
The project was initially a three-year phased project.
Las Sendas Becomes First Mesa Community to Earn Firewise USA Designation
Posted on Feb 28, 2022
MESA, Arizona – The Las Sendas master-planned community has become the first in Mesa to earn the Firewise USA designation, signifying a commitment to the safety and protection of its residents. 

A series of local fires in recent years inspired the community’s resident landscape committee members to prioritize fire mitigation efforts and develop Las Sendas' fire mitigation plan. These disasters included
Custom Home Architectural Review Fee Increases
Posted on Jan 13, 2022
The Custom Architectural Review Committee will be publishing revised Design Guidelines for Custom Homes in the next few months. While reviewing the guidelines, changes were made to the review process and design consultant's contract, necessitating changes to the fees as well. Beginning February 15, the design review fees and security deposits for new home construction and remodels on custom lots will be adjusted.
Mesa Marathon Racing Through Las Sendas
Posted on Jan 12, 2022
The Mesa Marathon is celebrating its tenth anniversary on Saturday, February 12, 2022! With the beautiful desert uplands setting we all enjoy in Las Sendas, it’s no wonder that the race runs through our community. Most of Ridgecrest and Eagle Crest will be closed starting at 4:00 am and will re-open in stages, with all Las Sendas streets anticipated to be open by 8:00 am. Traffic will not be permitted to cross the race route during the event
New Security Team
Posted on Dec 29, 2021
Allied Universal joins us in 2022 — replacing our patrol team — offering proactive security services, cutting-edge technology, and tailored solutions for our beautiful neighborhoods. You might begin to notice our new, talented team of specially trained security advocates patrolling our community. This uniformed team is ready to serve you and your neighbors and is equipped with practical risk mitigation and de-escalation training.